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The Highest Peak supports artists who put their heart and soul into what they love. Inspired people inspire people.

Meet Brittany!  She took what was once a vision and made it a reality. She is as talented as she is sweet and an absolute pleasure to work with. All of the paintings on our walls are thanks to her!

If you would like to hire her for your own project, you can email her at or find her on Facebook @Goodeye Custom.


Meet Toryn! She creates lovely pottery and we are lucky enough for her to have made our tip jars! (Don't forget to tip your budtenders!)

If you are looking for some new pottery, you can find Toryn's creations at and you can find her on Facebook- Opal Ceramics as well as Instagram @opal.ceramics

Meet Brooke! She is a SUNY Potsdam alumni and amazing artist and potter.  We sell some of her mugs, nug jars and more! 

Check her out:

Facebook: Brooke Elizabeth Ann- Artist

Instagram @brookeelizabethann.studios


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